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How do MySupermarket decide if a product is comparable?

mySupermarket only compare like for like products (i.e. branded products that are identical or very similar own label equivalents) For very similar own label products mySupermarket ensure these products meet the same needs or are intended for the same purpose.

Below are a few examples of products that may look like they should be matched but wouldn't meet the criteria:

  1. ASDA leaf spinach 1kg vs. Tesco leaf spinach 1kg - These products aren't comparable because ASDA leaf spinach is chopped whereas Tesco's is the whole leaf.
  2. ASDA Lean steak mince 500g vs. Tesco Beef Steak Mince 500g - These products aren't comparable because the ASDA steak mince is lean (lower fat content) whereas Tesco's is regular (higher) fat.
  3. ASDA Little Angels Cotton Soft Baby Wipes (80) vs. Sainsbury's Little Ones Eco Baby Wipes (72) – These products aren't comparable because Sainsbury’s wipes are biodegradable whereas ASDA’s are not.
  4. ASDA Paracetamol Tablets (16) vs. Sainsbury's Paracetamol Capsules (16) – These products aren't comparable because ASDA's are tablets and Sainsbury's are capsules.

What if I live in Southern Ireland and don’t have a postcode which is required when I claim my voucher?

If this applies to you please just enter the postcode of the store you shopped at. You can find the postcode of the store you visited by using our handy store locator at Our free* ASDA iPhone App and Android App also have store locators which you can use to find your nearest store and check its facilities and opening times.

*Internet use may be subject to data download charges from the customer's network operator.

What will happen to my receipt when I hand it to a colleague with my voucher?

It will be validated and marked with the colleague's initials, redeemed then handed back to you for any future use. This will indicate that the voucher has been redeemed against this transaction.


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What do I do if I get the error message ‘There may be an issue with your current cookie settings.’

In order to display your ASDA Price Guarantee comparison cookies need to be enabled on your computer. If you get the error message ‘There may be an issue with your current cookie settings’ please check the following:

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How secure is the website?

All your login information will be sent through a secure protocol so that nobody else can see the data. For details of how we'll use your personal information please see our Privacy Policy.

What if I don't have the internet?

To allow us to keep the cost down and ensure we pass on all the savings to our customers, we only allow online checking and claims. If you do not have access to the internet at home then why don't you use your local library, friends or family or local internet café (please bear in mind the cost may be more than the amount you can claim back).

What if I disagree with your data or wish to contact us?

All prices obtained for the other supermarkets are believed to be correct. However, with so many prices independently collected, there may be some inaccuracies.

If you've any complaints regarding the accuracy of the Price Guarantee please write to us at the address below or call us on 0800 952 3334 (Calls from a BT landline are free, calls from other service providers may be charged and calls from mobiles will cost considerably more):

ASDA Price Guarantee,
Customer Service Team,
ASDA House,
Great Wilson Street,
LS11 5AD